There are some designs that stand out more than others when it comes to mid century modern design. One of the most iconic, and therefore most sought after, is the tulip chair. This shape is instantly recognizable to anyone with a vague interest in 20th century furniture – or 20th century sci-fi for that matter. However, those that are new to this period of design may not have realized that there is also a tulip table. This table shares many of the same traits and is a great addition to a modern dining room.

What makes the tulip table so special in mid century modern design?

The original tulip design on came from Finnish designer Eero Saarinen in 1956, although he did not receive a patent until 1960. The most striking features of the chair are the curve of the pedestal base and the way that it flows into the curved seat and backrest. This gives the illusion of a chair sculpted from a single material. The modernist, space-age look led to copy-cat designs in TV shows and other media. The tulip dining table shares this look with the same thin, curving base beneath a thin round top. The two fit together perfectly because of the ideas behind the design.

The concepts behind the design seemed revolutionary at the time, hence the inclusion of the design in so many space-age TV sets. First of all, Saarinen aimed to change what he called the “confusing, unrestful world” that was the underside of a traditional dining table. There is no doubt that he achieved just that. This table frees up the space under the surface and practically invites chairs in. It does so with that minimal, yet bold design. The second idea was to base the shape off of a drop of high viscosity liquid. This is something that makes sense when viewing the fluid lines of the table, yet still sounds alien. As a result, this became a must have table during the 1960s. Fashionable designers and home owners were intrigued by the ideas and the full tulip dining set. Others simply loved to idea of bringing a little of their favorite shows into their homes.

This Saarinen table has influenced modern designers and furniture makers ever since.

When the mid century modern period saw a revival, there were many retro pieces and designs due for a comeback. Yet, there were some ideas that never really went away. The beauty of something with such a striking, modern look is that it doesn’t get old. We know that this is a 1960s piece and there is a sense of nostalgia to it. Still, the design fits in with plenty of other styles. An original Saarinen table will never have looked out of place in a dining room – no matter what items changed around it. Therefore, modern furniture makers still look to this design today.

There is a strong desire with modern furniture makers to emulate the work of Eero Saarinen.

Saarinen accomplished something within his work that many would argue is yet to be beaten. The elegance of the tulip table is unmistakable and still appeals to today’s interior designers. Therefore, table makers aim to capture the look and feel of a true Saarinen design with the best quality materials.

When you buy one of our tulip tables you can be sure of the following:

1) A beautiful table that your family and guests will love

2) The very best quality materials for high-end look

3) A fair price for a piece of timeless design

4) Peace of mind over the quality of our pieces.

Our tulip dining table is a wonderful example of mid century modern ideals meeting present day standards.

Beauty is an essential part of this table. There is obviously a practical side too, as the table acts as the perfect round table for family dinners. But, this is also a piece to show off to guests – either subtly or with a massive fanfare. Even those with minimal knowledge of design should recognize this shape and admire the lines. These tulip tables offer the same curves and flow as the original. It has a wow-factor reminiscent of the original, but doesn’t steal the spotlight too much.

The aesthetics of these tables receive a boost from the use of high quality marble. Not all mid century modern replicas have to include Formica. These classy marble surfaces are precision cut to enhance the smooth feel of the table. They also help to add a little identity to the table, without going over the top with pattern or designs. The white options with the plain white lacquer or marble pattern give a clean look. The white carrara, calacatta gold and arabescato all have a distinct look. Then there are the much darker options with the dark walnut and black carrara. Either way, this is still its own piece, rather than a matching addition to a set of tulip chairs.

There is also a choice of shapes and sizes with these different marble tulip tables. Many consumers will prefer the traditional round tulip table, but there is also a sleeker oval tulip table. This might suit a smaller space a little better. Alternatively, there is the tulip side table or tulip coffee table for those that want this great shape in a different form.

These tulip tables are a great investment piece for a new home.

All of this is available to consumers at a fair price. The tulip table design and Saarinen name garner a lot of respect. Therefore, many brands feel they can get away with selling these tulip tables for an inflated price. It is possible to enjoy a high quality marble table with this tulip look and not pay an extortionate amount. Buyers also have the assurance that they are buying a quality piece that will last. It is also possible to buy a separate tulip table base for modifications.

The Saarinen tulip design is one that will remain timeless. No matter the era or the style within a home, there is room for one of these elegant dining tables. Some designers will go all out with their mid century modern look and complete the tulip dining set. Others will use this sleek table as an integral part of a more eclectic design. Either way, these high quality marble models will offer a great look and quality surface for a long time to come.